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How to Graphic Design

You might be expected to find somewhere along this article information or tutorials on how to created some cool graphics. After all this article is titled “How to Graphic Design” right? Right!

However, being able to learn how to graphic design is not initially about learning to create impressive graphics, but more so about scaling (Vector Graphics Scaling to be exact)........Allow me to elaborate.

Having the flexibility of being able to scale your design to literally any size is paramount in the world of Graphic Design and this must be done without any loss of image quality. Traditionally, images are made up of pixels which are thousands of small squares of different colours that make up that image. If the image is then scaled up, it starts to loose its quality.

To have this flexibility of scaling images without any loss of quality, the correct type of software is needed. These software are traditionally called “Vector Graphics” of which there are a few. I personally would recommend Inkscape as it is Open Source and therefore legally free to download and install on your computer. Inkscape is available on Windows, Linux and Mac, therefore this allows you to get started with design right away without having to pay a penny.
Please note, you might be forgiven for thinking that because Inkscape is free it probably under-performs, however, it is very powerful and fast. Simply download Inkscape for free and give it a test drive

Applying Scalable Vector Graphics

For a better understanding of Vector Graphics and scaling, please view the video below. Hopefully this video aid will take you one step closer to getting started on how to graphic design

{slide=Understanding Vector Graphics - Video.}


how to graphic design with vector graphics

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Please feel free to find out more information and tutorials on how to graphic design

Inkscape how I did it - A Source to Graphic Design is an e-book written by apm-designs which demonstrates how to download, install and use Inkscape for the purpose of how to graphic design. This e-book also contains video tutorials making the learning experience easier and quicker.


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